Speed Boxing Ball Toy Inflatable Vent Ball


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1. Height adjustable, our vertical boxing ball is suitable for children and teenagers to increase physical strength and willpower.

2. Can improve their health, and make their physical health develop to different levels, and can be determined and have a positive impact on the child’s willpower.

3. Using an air hole design, blowing elastic ball is very convenient.

4. The spring has high strength and can bounce back and forth many times, with high safety performance and 360 ° rebound.

The base is made of high-quality materials, strong and durable, you can add water or sand to it before use.

6. Boxing gloves are also made of high-quality materials, which can provide better protection for your hands.

7. The base is filled with water or sand to stabilize.


Material: PU/Polyurethane

Packing method: Color box

3C configuration category: Plastic toys under 14 years old

Toy category: Plastic toys

Package content:

1 * Boxing ball 

Additional information

Weight 1.50 kg
Dimensions 400 × 350 × 75 cm

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