About us

The Company

ChessAndMore.com, a company established to provide quality chess products and accessories specially World’s
finest Wooden, Marble and Onyx Products to individuals, groups and organizations at factory price. Therefore, today
ChessAndMore.com has made it possible for you to supply precious Onyx Chess products directly from the
factory at factory rates and eliminate any third party or middleman. We offer Online Customer Services and
Support utilizing Internet Technology so you can reach us any time from anywhere in the World.

ChessAndMore.com, as the name suggests, sells Chess Products and some other board games. If it is about Chess, it is our business no
confusion, no surprises. We cater to all business inquiries and pay equal attention to every individual order whether
small or large because we believe that most people buy only one Chess set once in the lifetime.


Core Values

  • Delivering Chess products, value-added advice and online customer services to our clients with unmatched levels
    of quality, integrity and complete transparency
  • Maintaining friendly business relationships, honesty, ethics, competency and high standards of excellence
  • Operating with discipline and focusing to ensure that the appropriate resources are committed to each business
  • Managing risks and holding stocks to ensure efficient delivery, and customer satisfaction on, our client’s investment
  • Developing employee talent and leadership to its full potential to achieve superior results in order to serve you best
  • Applying the highest ethical, moral and professional standards in our conduct, both as individuals and as an
  • Allowing a strict business policy to always put customer satisfaction first
  • Practicing strict privacy policy of customer’s data with high level of security
  • Constantly looking for methods to learn from our failures as well as our successes


Products and Services

All products offered at ChessAndMore.com are hand-crafted by skilled and experienced World’s skilled craftsmen who
specialize only in Chess Products, board games and accessories.


Quality Control

At ChessAndMore.com we have adopted the best practices of International Quality Guidelines to meet the highest
standards of products and services. In order to provide maximum level of quality, every single piece is carefully selected
by experienced quality-control supervisors then showcase on the website and packed by export team who specialize solely in
pick n pack products. Any faulty chess sets, chess boards or chess pieces are simply trashed.


Customer Care

For us, Customer’s Satisfaction comes first. We provide you with all the information we can to help you make your
purchase decision. Therefore, you can browse our Products and have a look at your chosen item not only from
different angles but also from different image sizes from thumbnail to full screen high-resolution photographs.
Additionally, unlike other online Chess stores, you can also browse and inspect every single piece from different
angles and high resolution images.


Our Story

We are grateful for the pleasure of serving you and meeting your online shopping needs. We value your patronage and appreciate your confidence in ChessAndMore.com“.

The ChessAndMore.com has made hundreds of exclusive products and services available online for you to browse, compare and order through industry’s most reputable and reliable suppliers.

With 10 years experience in the retail business, there’s not much we don’t know about e-retailing.

We’re experts in what our users want during an online shopping experience, and a partner of World’s leading retailers, our winning combination of fair prices and excellent customer service means we’re a favorite with our valued customers.



We only work with leading and trustworthy suppliers that we believe have real value, represent large consumers base and are reliable for our customers.



The ChessAndMore.com has a self-imposed commitment to share part of its profit with less privileged people for food, education, clothing, employment, shelter and other basic necessities of life. By purchasing products and services through site you are also contributing to this great cause. Many thanks !