3-In Graffiti Robots


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Doodling robots inspire children’s interest in robots, the creativity of children and the principles of exploration.


The battery provides power to the engine, making the weight work at high speed. The weight of the weight is not in the center of the weight

Well, it’s not on the same line as the engine axis. And when the weight is rotated, it will always keep the base going

The opposite direction is moving, which also causes the engine and the floor to vibrate at a very high frequency, and the tip of the pen

It’s going up and down. When the tip of the pen leaves the paper, this kind of arc vibration will keep the tip of the pen moving. If the sum of

There’s no vibration like that, the tip of the pen and the friction of the paper will stop the movement.

How about organizing a doodle carnival?


Put two or three doodles on the same piece of paper and see how they can be created in an “inspired collision”

Add an interesting pattern. You can also put other pieces of paper that might give your little artist robot “inspiration.

Objects, etc.


Material: green and environment-friendly non-toxic materials ABS

Specification: 17.5 * 16.5 * 16.5


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Weight 0.18 kg
Dimensions 175 × 165 × 165 cm



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