No. 7 hygroscopic PU line striped reflective basketball


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Encourage physical exercise

Pull the child from the smartphone

Extend the game until late at night

Enhance basketball passion

Make it more fun to play alone and with friends!

The holographic shiny reflective basketball uses brand new technology and reflective leather to make our holographic game ball. No one has seen anything like this before, so please be the first to show all your friends the coolest basketball they have ever seen. Posting basketball news on social media has never been more compelling.

Made of hygroscopic synthetic leather, has the best grip and feel

100% ings nylon vent, excellent shape retention

Rubber airbags to maximize air circulation and maintain a better shape

Ideal for indoor and outdoor games

Ideal streetball

Glow after glow: During continuous exposure, this basketball character will glow in bright green. Throughout the night, the basketball continued to glow in the dark for more than 3 hours. The maximum time of fluorescent basketball depends on the intensity of light and the radiation time.

No battery required: The luminous basketball is very bright, and there is no need to emit all light beads onto the basketball like other LEDs. Just place it in the sun, bathroom heater or other strong light, and the glowing basketball in the dark will glow.

Suitable for outdoor/indoor games: can withstand harsh street games. For street basketball fans. The wide groove design is made of wear-resistant materials, with excellent grip and soft and comfortable touch.

Best Basketball Gift for Juniors: Meet the important task of psychologically adventurous teenagers. Basketball at night adds more novel value, enabling them to make full use of their personalities. In addition, the “light basket” is the official size (7 and 29.5 inches).


Size: No. 7 basketball (standard ball)

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Weight 0.65 kg
Dimensions 250 × 250 × 250 cm



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