LS-MIN four-axis folding aircraft

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Aircraft size:

Expand: 10*5*12.5*3CM

Folding: 8*6.5*3 CM

Packing size: 22*15*6 CM

Battery capacity: 3.7V 650mah lithium battery

Flight time: about 10 minutes

Remote control distance: about 100 meters

Additional information

Weight 0.27 kg
Dimensions 220 × 150 × 60 cm

Black, Grey


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100 reviews for LS-MIN four-axis folding aircraft

  1. S***r

    The camera is not in no way 4K HD 1080p
    Good 3 batteries.
    Good 3 batteries.

  2. G***r

    Thank you. The order is received, corresponds to the description. I am very pleased.

  3. G***n

    The cam is for sure not 4k

  4. L***n

    Delivery is very fast, I did not even expect it myself. Well done. Mini drone in the kit, although I did not check it. I want to give my grandson a new year.

  5. J***t

    Mini drone of excellent quality. The finish is neat. The kit is complete and complies with the description. Works perfectly in control with the remote control or through the application. The resolution of the camera in 4K is of good quality in photo and video. And, in addition, delivery in 3 days for France as Announced! Perfect!!!
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  6. A***r

    Drone OK, works pretty well. I only miss more extensive instructions, e.g. how to install additional propeller covers, how to replace the propellers themselves. Such messages could be added and would be of great help.
    I recommend the salesman.

  7. H***A

    Arrived in the expected time the mini Drôme fell into the water for 30sec it works very well.
    no remarkno remark

  8. A***k

    All cool image as the description

  9. V***v

    The camera is far not 4 K,
    In the room does not hold on the spot wears it on the sides
    In the rest, an excellent toy

  10. R***k

    It's came after 8(!!!!!!) days!!!
    very good!!
    excellent seller
    you should buy from him!!!

  11. S***o

    Protective plastics are very soft (fram)

  12. A***t

    Great! Except the delivery message that warned me that my order had arrived at home while it arrived two days later

  13. E***v

    Ordered the drone, the goods came, was a difect of one of the axis of the fan (the axis was a curve) made a return. Got the money back. There were no problems at all stages. Of the minuses, there is no information in Russian language. It never worked out how to control a drone.

  14. M***W

    Drone as per these money approx. Nevertheless is too many shortcomings. Phone holder pretty weak, phone can make the wypiąć. User Manual zdawkowa, not to write none, for battery Max 10 min flight. Cheap but enough strong withstand not one meeting with Wall. Camera leaves much to the request, but overall rating plus.

  15. J***o

    Good… The door with good reviews. Working day wind blows flew cold ㅂ ㅂ 2nd big salon called 껄 production each function.

  16. F***s

    Looks like description I haven't tried it yet it's for Kings

  17. I***v

    An excellent drone came in 10 days, everyone who writes unmanaged and all that, learn how to control first

  18. J***a

    The delivery was really fast. The drone works as promised, but I got a wrong version. I ordered 4k camera, but received 480 pixel camera. The picture quality is really really really poor. It's unusable.

  19. H***m


  20. A***c

    camera s quality is worse than what I thought.
    except that, the control app works, but the UI/UX really sucks.
    3 start because it works without big problem except I could not stabilize the drone (and picture quality and wiggles won't help at all)
    but I can be me who sucks controlling it.
    so for the price it is not bad but I think there are better drone with the same price range.

  21. B***

    Fast delivery. Well packed. Interesting model. The camera is awful. The drone is only good for first training how to fly. Photos and videos are rubbish.

  22. N***s

    It works very well, just like the description.
    no remark

  23. P***n

    super petit drone

  24. M***o

    Not yet tested, it comes very well packed and is very small and manageable. I like it.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  25. S***s

    Think only is small camera 4k camera, full Rim
    Just toy think and have fun with good sound

  26. M***i

    Product. hover well is key

  27. B***Y

    Fast delivery and the product is packed in bubble paper. The drone is in a hard shell, convenient for transportation.
    The drone complies with the description presented. I started playing with …. Careful it's fragile.
    Manual in English and Chinese.

    Negative: on the 3 batteries, a battery is defective (see photo)
    The drone is not silent. Looks like a big burdon in full flight.

    Positive Point:
    The app is easy to use and is found on the Google PLay store, currently.
    The camera does not tilt but displays a very good image/video quality.

    I have not yet understood and used all the buttons of the order but I intend to have fun…

    For the price, I recommend this toy (but attention fragile and do not put in the hands of a child)
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  28. E***n

    Fast shipping, in less than 10 days I had him at home. All parts correspond to the manual. Easy and intuitive drone.
    no remarkno remark

  29. V***v

    Purchase is satisfied, came for 7 days, flies well, the camera has not yet checked, on the street at any wind, it is better to let in the room. At the first start, he calibrated, as he dropped forward and right. It's hanging out right now. As I master, I will write an additional review.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  30. K***c

    All so as the description. Plus for it that came before time.
    no remarkno remark

  31. L***d

    Well protected in packaging. Tomorrow will try.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  32. S***b

    Delivered quickly and a good quality.

  33. F***f

    Now you have to learn to maneuver it
    no remarkno remark

  34. O***r

    Rychlé dodání 5 dnů.

  35. Y***

    Excellent fast shipping

  36. I***k

    Very fast delivery, the work has not yet checked

  37. M***m

    The toy is cool, with the control still need to be sorted out.
    no remark

  38. V***l

    Can not handle it with a little wind correct image

  39. A***r


  40. A***t

    The camera is far from 4K quality. Possibility of photo and recording in flight. Rather fun to use as a toy rather than to shoot videos! I recommend anyway

  41. I***o

    From payment to home in Krasnoyarsk 11 days. Delivery by IML. The drone is small, noisy, all the time crumbles slightly to the left. He's rigged all the walls of the house. Funny toy, bought to get experience before a more expensive purchase.

  42. D***v

    All is well. Flies, the camera shoots. First he was drawn to the side, sorted out. On the remote there are buttons to calibrate it and align. The negative is that in the flight there is a strong vibration on the camera and the image is lubricated.

  43. Y***a

    accruing description, fast shipping and good quality.

  44. D***v

    Small girth. When Nai lekiya polh Gubish control.

  45. I***i

    Baby easy part regulator battery cover for fixing one screw.
    Also, stand out and I back without fixed on one side with little by little movement.

    No, most problems of parts.
    Galaxy W used for China's not sandwiched..
    Flying dual camera picture of a force.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  46. A***A

    no remarkno remarkno remark

  47. D***a

    The camera has quality 4K but great for the money

  48. F***z

    Great product!!! Like again

  49. F***r

    Looks good
    To test.

  50. A***a

    Delivery 1.5 month. The parcel to Israel arrived very quickly and stuck for a long time in our customs. Packing is wonderful. Quadrokopter is tiny, fits on the palm of your hand. They haven't tried it yet. Seller recommend. Thank you.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  51. T***k

    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  52. C***r

    Well, although it's very light and with a little wind it's complicated to keep it in the air. The app and camera work well

  53. G***j

    Very compact harness as having to look at Al-lo…
    no remark

  54. O***z

    Very nice product

  55. K***k

    Mesh inside the box is torn, that's why 4 stars

  56. K***k

    Perfect, thanks

  57. Y***m

    Excellent product, arrived on time and fast. the item has arrived
    just like in the picture. Recommend buying from the supplier.

  58. I***t

    You need to understand that this drone has many minuses, but for such money it is clear. The drone is very light and it saves it when collisions at high speed. A big plus, it's a connection to the phone. I didn't have batteries. And I had to control from the phone. The drone is very naughty, but if you stop, it will be more or less flying in one place. The quality of the photo is very bad. But surprisingly, the video turns out better than the photo. I did not understand how long batteries are charging, but for their size is not so fast. And yet there is no warning that the battery sat down, and the drone just suddenly begins to sit down. So at first it is better to be in the indoor and without people, because this kid is a little wild.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  59. D***e

    Fast shipping from France. Item conform to description. Very satisfied

  60. I***a

    Very fast delivery. I can really recommend
    no remarkno remark

  61. M***v

    For some reason, the customs returned the order to the seller. I do not doubt that the drone is cool

  62. T***r

    I ordered the drone with 480P. It is super! The head less mode works great and the one key return works great too. The delivery took some time. The app is called KY FPV.

  63. G***r

    The package came in good condition in 6 days from Spain. Very nice little bag, it has all the accessories (spare blades, screwdriver, blade protectors). 3 batteries.

  64. A***s

    As a quick good qualiti

  65. A***z

    Little delivery time, very fast and home in good condition

  66. E***e

    Already received! Superfast thanks

  67. A***o

    Is much smaller than I thought but is interesting hope it lasts quite but I have doubts about it motors heat up fast.
    But is very cute
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  68. M***i

    The fastest shipping I ever experienced on AliExpress. Within 3 days wow

  69. C***n

    OK for price

  70. V***l

    In record time I ordered it on 11, and today here in my hands replacing another drone that I ordered in September and it's not coming to me yet, in another shop lom pedi. But here the seller very responsible and fast
    no remarkno remark

  71. E***z

    All right according to description.

  72. D***v

    I ordered a camera 4 K. In fact, it's not true at all. The remote is weak. The cover from behind does not scratch. The holder for the phone flies out. The drone itself is not bad how many times I hit where I do not go. While alive

  73. N***s

    Great value. Works well. Easy to learn (adult). My 9 and 6 year old can operate outdoors with 15 minutes of supervision. Estimated 10 minutes of constant use per battery. Camera quality is ok. Video is choppy.

  74. L***l


  75. B***b

    Quadrocopter came in 3-5 days. The quality of the quadcopter plastic is good, the console is bad. Enough for 15-20 minutes. The battery charges for 30-40 minutes. I recommend for buying a child.
    no remarkno remark

  76. K***r


  77. A***t

    My review without a photo, well, the photo here and so the sea, I will give it to the New Year guy, I hide, so there is no photo, as soon as I got it, I tried to run, everything is chic, such delight, I'm 23 years old: D but I want to fly more, But I'm afraid at this rate until the new year does not live even though it seems small, but like a durable, the camera does not test, I recommend to buy.

  78. V***z

    Super I got it earlier than expected
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  79. X***z

    I 've heard it works well but I got busted

  80. S***i

    very good

  81. I***z


  82. F***r eresante to who is starting!

    Arrived early Previato.

  83. M***n

    its very good

  84. K***a

    Ordered 23.11, came today 27.11. I did not expect such fast delivery.
    Let's see how it will be in use.
    no remark

  85. L***i

    Flashes too early. Hand phone connection method is too difficult. Description This looks to be lacking

  86. S***r

    All perfect, thank you.

  87. P***y

    works great, hassle finding app but all works. arrived in 4 days.

  88. M***z

    Very fast delivery, and it works great. Thank you very much

  89. P***e

    Delivery in 3 days!

  90. P***o

    The app that indicates "instructions" doesn't work. However the KY FPV does. Allows to take photos but does not save videos. It's a fun toy, something expensive for what it is. More complete instructions would be appreciated. And in Spanish better
    no remarkno remark

  91. W***k

    As for the money is Lux

  92. A***s

    I arrive in 15 exact days
    no remark

  93. A***T

    Very good product charm me and I arrive before time
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  94. H***k

    Cool drone, fast shipping,
    Hot ~!!

  95. S***v

    Delivery is fast, I recommend the producer. In the control panel you need three мезинчиковые batteries

  96. J***s

    Super fast shipping, beautifully packaged in storage pouch and complete it look out. Drone have not tested out so don't know how he works, camera image looked at anzetten in the dark all good looking

  97. J***k

    Troszkę small, not yet lataliśmy

  98. S***E

    Thank you very much.

  99. A***r

    Cool goods

  100. A***r

    Product OK

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