DIY Mechanical Arm Robot Kit Economic Version


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Product information:

Model: SNAM1900

Packaging type: aircraft box

Product size: 14.5X9.5X14CM

Maximum extension length of mechanical arm: 23cm

Maximum opening size of clip: 7.5cm

Package size: 20.5X13.5X6CM

Product Overview:

It’s a classic 4-degree-of-freedom machine inspired by industrial robotic arms. This is an economical, powerful and easy to use arduino arm learning kit. The kit is suitable for makerspaces, college students, and middle school students. The control board uses the international common arduino UN R3 original version. There are many learning materials on the Internet, which is convenient for learning and using.

About the control mode:

The control mode is also very simple, with four knobs to control the movement of each potentiometer, anyone can operate. After connecting the computer with USB, you can send commands through the serial port to control the movement of the steering gear. At the same time compatible with other computer control software, but also support their own programming, the execution of fixed and repeated actions.

About assembly:

The expansion board is delivered as spare parts. You need to weld the expansion board yourself. The assembly of acrylic parts requires some patience, we provide a complete graphic tutorial for you as a guide. We’ve already burned the original knob control program.

Packing list:

Mechanical arm X1Set

Additional information

Weight 0.50 kg
Dimensions 205 × 135 × 60 cm

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