Chess Set Vintage Chess Board Hand Carved Solid Walnut Wood Antique Chess Pieces




Medieval Age Themed Chess Set with Drawer – Handmade Engraved Chess Set for Him – Massive wooden Chess

Christmas Gift for Dad, Husband, Birthday, Anniversary

Handmade Engraved Wooden Chess set with drawer and CrusdersThemed Metal figures.Unique gift idea for your loved ones.

Chess game will be cosy by this set.


This exclusive set will be excellent gift choice for your best-loveds.Also thanks to its stylish design this chess set also will be elegant decor for home or office.

  • ♚The chess pieces are made of Zinc.Felted bottom prevents board from scratches and provides extra comfort. Chess pieces come with two velvet pouchs.
  • ♚Chess board is engraved by chess masters with hand.Unique carving details and workmanship make this board adorable.
  • ♚Chess board is colorized in accordance with traditional methods by using cotton.After colorization board is polished twice to preserve its originality.
  • ♚ After playing the chess game, you can put it in the box and store it easily

Chess Set includes:

  • ⚜1 chess board
  • ⚜16+16 metal chess pieces



  • Outer Dimensions=13,8″x13,8″x4,4″ inches-35x35x11 cm
  • Game area: 10,6”x10,6” inches- 27×27 cm


Chess Pieces:

  • ♚King- 2,6″ inches -6,5 cm
  • ♔Queen-2,4″inches – 6 cm
  • ♞Knight-2,2″inches – 5,5 cm
  • ♙Bishop-2,2″inches – 5,5 cm
  • ♖Rook -1,8″inches -4,5 cm
  • ♟Pawn – 1,6″ inches -4 cm
  • Base Diameters:0,8″-2 cm

Made In Turkey

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