Chess Set Crusaders Chess Pieces Hand Painted Solid Wood Chess Board Gift Idea


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Chess Set Vintage Crusaders Hand Painted Chess Pieces Wood Chess Board, Gift Idea for Son, Husband, Father and Anyone for Birthday, Anniversary and Any Occasion

  •  Historcal Crusaders Chess Set Handmade Polyester Chess Figures Vintage Hand Carved Walnut Wood Chess Board
  •   Crusaders Chessmen Hand Crafted High Quality Pieces : Each Chess Piece is Handmade and They are Authentic to You
  •  Special Chess Set is a Great Gift For Your Loved Ones, Family or Friends!
  •  Chessboard : (13.3” x 13.3 x 2.36” ) 33x 33x 6cm  The king Height (3.15″) 8cm
  • HIGH QUALITY COOL CHESS PIECES.. Figures,Chess Set are high quality workmanship and handmade with special coatings and paint over the first grade and molding materials..
  • MAKE THE PEOPLE YOU LOVE HAPPY.. It is not just a game it is also a very nice cool decoration object and a great gift.

*DISTINCTIVE DESIGN: Thanks to their unique design, which features resin ancient chess pieces with a legend history and a beautifully made chess board. This chess set for adults will look fantastic in your home, whether as a decorative centerpiece or as part of your permanent gaming collection! The board, as well as all of the pieces, have a distinctive finish that adds to the charm of the set.


*A MUST-HAVE FOR A CHESS FAN: Whether you’re a skilled player, have lately decided to explore the beautiful world of chess, or simply want to impress a friend with a unique birthday present, this chessboard set is just what you need ! This chess set will pique your interest in playing chess with your friends and family and provide you with hours of fun. It will appeal to chess aficionados as a house decoration.


*PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIALS: Our board is made entirely of solid wood. It’s made of solid, hard wood, which is a high-quality material that looks fantastic. Each piece of the antique chess set is carefully hand crafted. Chessmen sculpted from resin and hand-painted. Polyester is used to painstakingly manufacture each chess piece, which is then painted evenly and smoothly. The chess pieces’ bottoms are flocked to reduce noise and protect the chessboard while playing chess.

Made In Turkey

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