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1. Product details are as follows:

Retro mechanical chess game clock

Product Number: DT05ah

This chess clock does not require batteries, is driven by a clockwork, and is easy to use, similar to the operation of a quartz clock.

Material: plastic case, copper-zinc alloy movement

Product size: 15×5.5x9cm

Packing box: 19X7X12CM

Net weight of chess clock: 280 grams, + color box is 350 grams

Suitable for chess, Chinese chess, Go and other games.

Color: black (spot), other colors, the minimum order quantity is 200, there are green, blue, red, tan, yellow, etc.

Conventional packaging: Color box, 20 pieces in 1 carton. Carton size: 40X39X28CM, gross weight: 8KG

2. Instructions for use of chess clock:

1). The game clock adopts a mechanical structure with a timing start button. The game timing operation is intuitive, convenient, accurate, and the daily error is not more than 1 second. It is suitable for timing clocks for various chess games.

2). How to use:

a) How to operate the timing button, press the left button, the left clock stops timing, and the right clock starts timing. On the contrary, press the right button, the right side will stop timing, the left side will start timing, and the buttons on both sides will be pressed halfway (that is, the buttons on both sides are in the same horizontal position), and both clocks are in the stop timing state.

b) Second hand zero adjustment

By alternately operating the buttons on both sides, the two clock and second hands can be adjusted to the 12 o’clock position (zero position) in turn, and the hour hand is moved in the direction of the arrow in the needle hole on the back of the clock to move the minute hand to the 12 o’clock position. In the game clock, the zero position of the minute hand is judged by the minute hand pushing the hourly point determination mark “Little Red Flag” to the right to reach the 12 o’clock position, and the scale of the minute hand at the moment when the “Little Red Flag” falls freely is the zero position.

3. Maintenance

Chess clocks should be protected from contact with corrosive materials, and avoid exposure to the sun, rain, drops and close to strong magnetic fields

Additional information

Weight 0.35 kg
Dimensions 190 × 70 × 120 cm

Green, Yellow, Red, Brown, Light blue, Black

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