Chess Tips & Tricks

Below is the partial list of great websites helping new players how to play chess and advance user can learn advance techniques to improve games.

  • How to Play Advanced Chess
    Learning how to play chess is not always easy, but once you do it can be an amazingly fun game of strategy. If you’ve passed all the beginner stuff and want to move on to the advanced form of the game, start at step one.
  • Chess Tips
    Read these Chess Tips to get an idea about the game.
  • Free Chess Strategies
    You don’t have to memorize countless opening lines.
  • Chess Killer Tips
    The best chess tips to improve your game. A FREE chess video podcasts.
  • 5 Chess Tips
    5 Best Chess Tips and Tricks for beginners
  • Chess Movies
    The best chess movies and chess videos in Quicktime format, check it out.
  • Chess Is Cool
    Free online tutorials in the format of free video podcasts are ideal and can be watched any time you choose. Your Chess Games will improve in quality and you will win more games.
  • 101 Chess Tips
    101 great chess tips and game plans.