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Best Chess Books 2021
Best Chess Books 2021

Best Chess Books 2021

This post is an annual “best chess books I can recommend” recap, featuring a list of some best chess books we can recommend in 2021. You can check the best chess books I can recommend here.

List of Best Chess Books 2021



2020 has been a bizarre year in numerous ways. The worldwide pandemic has shattered most parts of the world. With regards to the best chess books and perusing, my propensities have been no exemption.

For the time being, I can only recommend a limited number of chess books but more will keep adding to this page so keep checking back from time to time

There are a few potential clarifications I attempted to use to support this:

The positive side of global pandemic is that most people are being forced to stay home, cut down routine obligations and routine jobs and spend more time with Books.

As for Chess Books: Chess books are more demanding and tedious reading that requires great deal of time to read than non-chess books.

Despite the fact that there is truth in every one of these cases, I am pretty convinced that the 3rd one was the major factor. I have read numerous articles of people claiming they had so many projects and plans they finally hoped to tackle when things started shutting down, only to experience a total lack of motivation when it comes to executing them.

This is not really limited to only reading. Writers, music creators, designers, artists, and even many chess players experienced the equal impact, without clearly knowing what is going on. In my opinion it is early understandable how tragic are the moments and the trauma we all are dealing with and how much it is effecting our daily life.

Obviously, this shouldn’t imply that my change to telecommuting introduced a test in itself. It is additionally a reality my habits and way of life haven’t exactly been on point independent of the pandemic and that there is a great deal of opportunity to get better.

So lets keep this long discussion aside, we actually did manage to read even some difficult stuffs like Chess Books during pandemic. Out of many I believe I can recommend a few as follows and as I said more are going to be added soon. So keep getting back:

You can find the list below.
Hope you will enjoy it and find it useful.

Best Chess Books

The Chess Bible – 4 Books In 1

The Chess Bible - 4 Books In 1 | Best Chess Books


The Most Complete Guide To Beat Every Opponent as a Beginner Using The Strategies, Traps, Moves And Openings Used By The Best Players Around The World

Further Details

Title: The Chess Bible
Publication Date: 2021-02-12
ISBN13: 9781801653640
ISBN10: 180165364X
Binding: Paperback, Paperback
Format: BOOK
Condition: New



Anand Magnus-Chess Strategy BOOK NEW

Lets Play Chess! | Best Chess Books

The ultimate guide for Beginners to Master Chess. Lear the Fundamentals and Build Your Strategies.

Further Details

Title: Chess Strategy
Catalogue Number: 9781802175738
Barcode: 9781802175738
Format: BOOK
Condition: New






Let’s Play Chess!

Let's Play Chess!: Includes Chessboard and Full Set of Chess Pieces (Board Book) | Best Chess Books

Let’s Play Chess!: Includes Chessboard and Full Set of Chess Pieces (Board Book) | Best Chess Books

Further Details

Title: Lets Play Chess!
Format: Board Book
EAN: 9781789505993
ISBN: 1789505992
Format: BOOK
Condition: New




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